Articles by the Nonhuman Rights Project


Steven M. Wise, Though the Heavens May Fall – The Landmark Trial That Led to the End of Human Slavery (de Capo Press 2005) (cover review, New York Times Book Review, January 9, 2005; reviewed New York Review of Books, July 14, 2005)

Steven M. Wise, Drawing the Line – Science and the Case for Animal Rights (Perseus Publishing 2002)(Unlocking the Cage – Science and the Case for Animal Rights in the UK

Steven M. Wise, Rattling the Cage – Toward Legal Rights for Animals (Perseus Publishing 2000 US)(Profile Books, UK 2000)(called a “seminal work” by the Boston Globe (March 3, 2005); Time magazine observed “(o)nce the domain of activists, animal law has steadily gained respect among law schools and legal scholars since 2000, when … Rattling the Cage provided an academic argument for granting legal rights to animals” (December 13, 2004)

Book Chapters

Steven M. Wise, “Entitling Nonhuman Animals to Fundamental Legal Rights on the Basis of Practical Autonomy” in Animals, Ethics, and Trade (Earthscan 2006)

Steven M. Wise, “Animal Rights, One Step at a Time” in Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions (Cass Sunstein and Martha Nussbaum, eds., Oxford University Press 2004)

Steven M. Wise, “A Great Shout – Breaking the Barriers to Legal Rights for Great Apes” in Great Apes and Humans – The Ethics of Coexistence (Smithsonian Press, 2001), reprinted in Animal Law (Clare Palmer, ed. The International Library on Rights, Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming 2008), and in The Animal Ethics Reader (Susan J. Armstrong and Richard G. Boltzler, eds. Routledge 2003)

Law Review Articles

Steven M. Wise,Legal Personhood and the Nonhuman Rights Project 17 Animal Law 1 (2011)

Steven M. Wise, Commentary, An Argument for the Basic Rights of Farmed Animals 106 Mich. L. Rev. First Impressions (2008)

Steven M. Wise, “Arguments in Favour of Basic Legal Rights for Nonhumans” Reform (Australian Law Reform Commission March, 2008)

Steven M. Wise, “The entitlement of chimpanzees to the common law writs of habeas corpus and de homine replegiando to challenge their legal thinghood” 37(2) Golden Gate Law Review 219 ( 2007)

Steven M. Wise, “Rattling the Cage Defended” 43 Boston College Law Review 623 ( 2002)

Steven M. Wise, “Legal status of nonhuman animals” 8 Animal Law 1 (2002)(symposium participant)

Steven M. Wise, “Animal Thing to Animal Person – Thoughts on Time, Place, and Theories” 5 Animal Law 59 (1999)

Steven M. Wise, “Hardly a Revolution – The Eligibility of Nonhuman Animals for Dignity Rights in a Liberal Democracy” 22 Vermont Law Review 793 (1998)

Dr. Jane Goodall and Steven M. Wise, “Why Chimpanzees are Entitled to Fundamental Legal Rights” Joint Presentation to Senior Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association, August 2, 1996, reprinted in 3 Animal Law 61 (1997)

Steven M. Wise, “Legal Rights for Nonhuman Animals: The Case for Chimpanzees and Bonobos” 2 Animal Law 179 (1996).

Steven M. Wise, “The Legal Thinghood of Nonhuman Animals” 23(2) Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review 471 (1996), reprinted in 3 Private Law Review (2003) and 4 Private Law Review (2004)(China University of Politics and Law Publishing)

Steven M. Wise, “How Nonhuman Animals Became Trapped in a Nonexistent Universe” 1 Animal Law 15 (1995)

Encyclopedia Articles

Steven M. Wise, “Animal Rights,” Encyclopedia Britannica

Selected Articles

Steven M. Wise, “A law for the jungle” Times Higher Education Supplement 18 (June 14, 2002)(UK)

Steven M. Wise, “Why Animals Deserve Legal Rights” in Chronicle of Higher Education (February 2, 2001), reprinted in Contemporary Issues Companion: Animal Rights (CICAR)(Jesse Hallmark, ed. Gale Group 2004); Convergences (2nd. ed. 2004, Robert Atwan, ed. St. Martin’s 2004); Writing from Sources (Brenda Spatt, ed., St. Martin’s 2002) and America Now: Short Readings from Recent Periodicals (5th ed., Robert Atwan, ed. Bedford/St. Martin’s 2002)

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