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2021 Annual Report

By Kevin Schneider

Please click here to see our 2021 Annual Report for a recap on what we accomplished together in the fight for nonhuman rights!

With the pandemic ongoing, 2021 proved to be a difficult year for most. However, the NhRP is no stranger to challenges‚ÄĒdeeply committed to our unique mission and inspired every day by the dedication of supporters like you, we pressed on to make great progress this year in the fight for nonhuman rights.

Most notably, for the first time ever, the highest court of any English-speaking jurisdiction agreed to hear a habeas corpus case brought on behalf of a nonhuman being, with the New York Court of Appeals agreeing to take up the case of our elephant client Happy. This marked a historic legal milestone, not only for the NhRP but for the animal rights movement as a whole.

This is only the beginning of more milestones, and the NhRP is excited and hopeful about what’s to come, including new clients whose names and stories we’ll share with you soon. We thank you for your compassion, your commitment to being champions of change for nonhuman beings, and your generosity in all the ways you’ve supported us in 2021 and years past. We know we cannot do any of this work without you!

If you’re in a position to do so, we ask you to please make your final donation for 2021 to help us continue our fight to secure justice for nonhuman animals for as long as it takes.

Please have a safe and happy New Year!

Note: On 1/12/21, we corrected a link that appears on p. 7 of the Report. 

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