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A close-up photograph of an elephant gazing downward

Zoo Elephants Are Thriving, Claims Association of Zoos & Aquariums President

A free beluga whale swims in the open ocean near Greenland

Belugas Now Imprisoned in Connecticut Deserve Better Than Life in a Tank

Five people ride on the back of Minnie the elephant at a fair as a Commerford Zoo handler compels her to walk using a bullhook.

Commerford Zoo Removes Facebook Page After NhRP Supporters Urge Them to #FreeMinnie

A group of young elephants gather freely in a grassy field while zebras graze behind them.

What’s Coming Up in the Legal Fight to #FreeHappy

Beulah the elephant lies on her side on the edge of a parking lot the day she died at he Big E fair.

New Commerford Zoo Records Highlight USDA Failures

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