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Happy World Elephant Day!

Owais Awan on the Legal Fight for Kaavan’s Freedom

A young elephant runs across a sun-lit plain

Islamabad High Court: Human beings have a duty to protect nonhuman animal rights

Why the NhRP Matters to Me: Reeve Johnston

A photo of chimpanzee Hercules in the sun at Project Chimps sanctuary

Celebrating two years of sanctuary for Hercules and Leo

“Elephants need to be free”: In Memory of Karen (1981-2019)

“Thank you for arguing with me”: Notes from a recent legal team meeting

Dreams of an Elephant: In Memory of Beulah (1967-2019)

What we wish we could tell our elephant clients today on Elephant Appreciation Day

Thalia Field: Happy/That you have the body (The Mirror Test)

On The Passing of D A Pennebaker

A depressed male chimpanzee lays his head on his arm. In "How Animals Grieve," Barbara J. King writes about how chimpanzees and other nonhuman animals' emotional and social lives.

The Need for Chimpanzee Rights

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