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Un chimpancé no es meramente una cosa

By Lauren Choplin

On May 8, 2018, a judge on New York’s highest court issued a groundbreaking opinion in our chimpanzee rights cases on behalf of Tommy and Kiko, writing that the failure of the courts to grapple with the issues the Nonhuman Rights Project has raised “amounts to a refusal to confront a manifest injustice … To treat a chimpanzee as if he or she had no right to liberty protected by habeas corpus is to regard the chimpanzee as entirely lacking independent worth, as a mere resource for human use, a thing the value of which consists exclusively in its usefulness to others. Instead, we should consider whether a chimpanzee is an individual with inherent value who has the right to be treated with respect.”

NhRP supporter Javier Salcedo, a professor of philosophy and logic at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, has kindly translated Judge Eugene M. Fahey’s ruling into Spanish for the benefit of lawyers and activists in Spanish-speaking countries who want to join the fight for nonhuman rights. Please share with your Spanish-speaking activist friends and professional contacts!

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