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Kapot Knot, Vegan Fashion Week Support the NhRP

By Mickey Suzuki

The Nonhuman Rights Project is honored to be chosen as the recipient of 50% of the proceeds of the vegan Haori Jacket, created by the Japanese brand Kapok Knot in collaboration with Vegan Fashion Week—two brands dedicated to the harmonious intersection between people, animals, and the Earth.

Vegan Fashion Week explores the challenges surrounding ecological and climate change through the lenses of fashion, ethics, sustainability and innovation. Kapok Knot is dedicated to sourcing and designing sustainable and ethical alternatives.

Together, they have launched the vegan Haori Jacket, insulated with kapok, a lightweight, breathable, plant-based alternative to goose down and created with other sustainable, vegan materials such as recycled polyester. According to their Indiegogo Campaign, each jacket saves the lives of thirty geese by using the ethical, alternative material harvested from kapok trees grown in Indonesia instead of feathers.

To further their shared values surrounding animal protection, the brands have generously chosen the NhRP as the beneficiary of 50% of the proceeds. We are grateful to Kapok Knot and Vegan Fashion Week for their support for our unique mission and work to secure legal rights for nonhuman animals. Thank you!

You can learn more and purchase the Haori Jacket through their live campaign here.

If you’re interested in naming the NhRP as a beneficiary of a project you’re working on individually or within an organization, or you’d simply like to know more about partnerships with the NhRP, please reach out to me at

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