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One Way to Help Bring About Legal Change

By Monica Miller

If you’re an attorney, law student, or simply¬†interested in histories and analyses of legal approaches to animal advocacy, we recommend checking out the latest issue of the Syracuse Law Review! It features an Introduction by NhRP President Steven M. Wise (which digs into the history of the NhRP and looks ahead to the future), an NhRP law review article that forms the legal foundation of our initial legislative work, and articles on breed-specific legislation, the lack of implementation and enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, and more.

Peer-reviewed law review articles are important because they reflect and affirm the seriousness and rigor with which particular issues are viewed and debated within the legal academy. Such articles can also lead to concrete changes in the law, such as when lawyers cite them in briefs or judges rely on them in rulings.

The NhRP has authored a dozen law review articles, with more on the way this year! To read our Publications, visit our Media Center.

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