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National Geographic Feature on the Fight to #FreeMinnie

By Courtney Fern

Today National Geographic published a feature story on the failures of the USDA to protect our elephant clients Beulah, Karen, and Minnie, with Minnie now the only elephant imprisoned in the Commerford Zoo who is still alive. The story makes clear that animal welfare laws are both ineffective and poorly enforced. Such failures are all too common and, sadly, not unexpected, which is exactly why we fight for elephants’ right to liberty.

Click here to read the article.

After reading the article, you can take a few more steps to help Minnie by:

  1. Sharing this story and emailing to thank them for publishing it.
  2. Using our action alert to urge the Commerford Zoo to free Minnie to an elephant sanctuary.
  3. Signing and sharing our petition calling for sanctuary for Minnie.

Minnie still has the chance to live freely, and Beulah and Karen’s stories must not be forgotten. Thank you for helping us #FreeMinnie!

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