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New Podcast Series on Happy’s Elephant Rights Case

By Lauren Choplin

“The story I’m about to tell is sad in parts, sometimes cruel, sometimes full of good intentions. It’s a family saga, and a courtroom drama. It’s about how we live with animals, what we do to them and what they are entitled to expect from us.” – Samantha Weinberg, Tortoise

Tortoisea media site committed to deep dives behind the headlines—has just released a new three-part podcast series about our elephant client Happy, featuring interviews with NhRP President Steven M. Wise as well as two of the renowned elephant experts who’ve supported our fight for her freedom. The series tells the story of Happy’s life, delves into the science of who elephants are, and illuminates the key questions raised by our legal battle on her behalf. Listen or read the transcripts here on the Tortoise website (if you’re not a member, you can enter your email address for access):

Part I: Happy, the elephant in the courtroom
Part II: Happy, the elephant who knew who she was
Part III: Happy, the elephant you will never forget

Or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The series’ thoughtful reflections on Happy’s story and court case end with reporter Samantha Weinberg concluding that Happy and other elephants “are not things. They deserve rights.”

The NhRP is preparing for oral arguments in Happy’s case, which have not yet been scheduled. Read the latest here. Stay tuned for further updates, including how you can help!

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