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Hercules and Leo in their housing structure at Project Chimps.

Hopeful Update on Hercules and Leo

Hercules and Leo in their housing structure at Project Chimps.

Advocating for True Sanctuary for Hercules and Leo

Watercolor illustration of two chimpanzees.

Nonhuman Rights Project Calling for Changes at Project Chimps

A photo of chimpanzee Hercules in the sun at Project Chimps sanctuary

Celebrating two years of sanctuary for Hercules and Leo

A depressed male chimpanzee lays his head on his arm. In "How Animals Grieve," Barbara J. King writes about how chimpanzees and other nonhuman animals' emotional and social lives.

The Need for Chimpanzee Rights

Movie poster, Unlocking the Cage.

Do You Have Your Popcorn?

Notice of Appeal Filed in Hercules and Leo Case

That’s One Small Step for a Judge, One Giant Leap for the Nonhuman Rights Project

Steven M. Wise on Interview with Stony Brook Researcher

Transcript of the Hearing re. Hercules and Leo at the Supreme Court

Steven M. Wise on Recent Shows of Support (and the Opposition)

New York Attorney General Responds to NhRP’s Petition for Habeas Corpus and NhRP Replies

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