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Leave a Legacy for Nonhuman Animals

Thank you for considering a planned gift to the Nonhuman Rights Project. When you include a donation to the NhRP in your estate plan, you become part of our visionary community that shares a profound and personal commitment to the cause and a deep determination to continue the struggle for legal rights for nonhuman animals. We know the fight won’t be easy and that the battle will be long. But we also know that truth and justice always prevail, and so will we because of your support and partnership.

Benefits of Planned Giving

Legacy giving is commonly referred to as planned giving because you will plan these gifts years before they are distributed to the Nonhuman Rights Project after your death. You retain control and use of your assets for the rest of your lifetime. Your planned gifts may also have significant tax benefits for you and your heirs.

Your Legacy and Vision: Planned giving allows you to leave a lasting legacy that will improve the lives of nonhuman animals by helping the NhRP continue to fight for legal rights for animals. Your gift will help ensure that future generations live in a world where all animals are treated with dignity and respect.

Financial Benefits: Planned giving can offer a range of financial benefits, including reducing estate taxes, capital gains taxes, and income taxes. These benefits can maximize the impact of your gift and help you achieve your financial goals.

How to Include the NhRP in Your Estate Plans

Bequests: A bequest in your will or living trust is a simple and flexible way to support the NhRP. You can designate a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or a particular asset to be given to our organization. It allows you to support our work without affecting your current financial situation.

Beneficiary Designations: You can name the NhRP as a beneficiary of your retirement account, life insurance policy, or other financial account. The NhRP will receive your gift after your death and there is no effect on your current financial situation.

Charitable Gift Annuities: A charitable gift annuity allows you to make a gift to the NhRP and receive regular payments for life. This can be a tax-efficient way to support our work while providing for your own financial security.

Charitable Remainder Trusts: A charitable remainder trust allows you to make a gift to the NhRP while retaining an income stream for yourself or your loved ones. After the trust terminates, the remaining assets are transferred to the NhRP.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in including the NhRP in your estate plans, we recommend consulting with your financial advisor or estate planner. They can help you explore the best options for your circumstances and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

For more information on planned giving and how you can support the NhRP, please contact us at 

Please let us know if you have made arrangements for a gift to our organization in your estate plans. We would love to share our appreciation for your generosity and our common vision of a more just and humane future.

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