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Foto de mona chorongo (Lagothrix lagotricha) por Evgenia Kononova (río Taruma, Brazil), Wikimedia

Constitutional Court of Ecuador Urged to Recognize Animals As Rightsholders

Elephants imprisoned in a circus lay down in a cramped corner of a stadium waiting to be loaded with saddles to give rides at a fair

What Elephant Appreciation Day means to the NhRP

A close-up photograph of an elephant gazing downward

Zoo Elephants Are Thriving, Claims Association of Zoos & Aquariums President

A free beluga whale swims in the open ocean near Greenland

Belugas Now Imprisoned in Connecticut Deserve Better Than Life in a Tank

Beulah the elephant lies on her side on the edge of a parking lot the day she died at he Big E fair.

New Commerford Zoo Records Highlight USDA Failures

Palliative Animal Law

The Case of Laxmi the Elephant and Animal Rights in India

NhRP Interview Series: Recordings

Islamabad High Court Recognizes the Rights of Nonhuman Animals

Affirming the dignity of human and nonhuman beings

Nonhuman animal rights: how to help right now

A Commerford Zoo handler uses a bullhook to compel a costumed Minnie the elephant to stand on her hind legs during a fair.

Action Alert: S.B. 413 in Connecticut

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