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New Video and Ways to Help Free Minnie

By Courtney Fern

Our client Minnie—now the sole surviving elephant imprisoned by a traveling circus called the Commerford Zoo—has suffered enough. After being torn from her family in the wild and exploited for decades in the US, she deserves to live freely with peace and dignity at an elephant sanctuary.

No matter what, we’ll never stop fighting for a more just life for Minnie. That’s why today we are releasing a new campaign video showing the suffering Beulah, Karen, and Minnie have endured as rightless beings forced to perform under threat of a bullhook by the Commerford Zoo.

Last year, Beulah and Karen died, leaving Minnie without the necessary companionship of other elephants on the Commerford Zoo’s property, which comes nowhere close to being able to meet her complex needs. Both The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and the Performing Animal Welfare Society have offered lifelong care and refuge to Minnie at no cost to the Commerford Zoo.

As we wait to hear from Connecticut’s highest court, which we’ve just asked to review Minnie’s elephant rights case, you can take the following steps to help Minnie:

  • Watch our new campaign video and share it on social media to raise awareness about Minnie and our fight for her freedom.
  • Complete this action alert asking the Commerford Zoo to send Minnie to one of two sanctuaries above.
  • Sign our petition calling for Minnie’s release.
  • Give what you can today so that we can continue our fight for Minnie’s right to liberty and to change the legal status quo for nonhuman animals.

Thank you!

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