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Statement on the Death of our Elephant Client Beulah

By Nonhuman Rights

It is with deep sorrow and outrage that we have learned our elephant client Beulah has died after collapsing multiple times at the Big E fair in West Springfield, MA. Because of businesses like the Commerford Zoo and the Big E, she never had a chance to live. Under threat of a bullhook, the Commerford Zoo stole from Beulah her freedom and anything resembling a natural existence for an elephant. Prior to her appearance at the Big E, Beulah hadn’t been seen for almost a year, only to be subjected to one final round of forced labor, her suffering apparent to anyone who truly cares about elephants and doesn’t have a vested interest in exploiting them as the Commerford Zoo and Big E do.

Beulah, as well as the two other Commerford elephants, Karen and Minnie, can be made to live this way because elephants are still considered “things” with no rights: a legal anachronism we are urging the Connecticut courts to remedy. Sadly, we have reason to believe Karen has also died while in the custody of the Commerford Zoo and have today sent a letter to the Commerford Zoo demanding that they confirm within 48 hours whether she is alive or dead. Our fight to secure recognition of our elephants clients’ right to liberty and their release to a sanctuary will continue, in Beulah’s name and in the names of all the elephants before her who have found freedom only in death. We will announce next week further actions we are taking, including in the Connecticut courts, to secure justice for Minnie and, we hope, for Karen as well if she is still alive.

Learn more about Beulah, Karen, and Minnie’s lives here.

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