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Billy Dodson

Join the Nonhuman Rights Project as a Digital Coordinator

A vibrant photo of an orca pushing through the water

Ocean Sun’s story

The Nonhuman Rights Project is hiring a Development Director!

Tommy the chimpanzee in a cage

In memory of Tommy the chimpanzee

A photo of Nolwazi and her daughter Amahle standing in the elephant exhibit at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo

NhRP remarks before milestone animal rights vote

A photo of Kimba the elephant standing in a dirt yard as taken through a wire fence from an elevated walkway

What’s wrong with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo elephant exhibit

What’s Next in the Legal Fight to #FreeHappy

Happy the elephant wraps her trunk around the fencing of her enclosure in the Bronx Zoo's elephant exhibit.

Remarks by NhRP Attorneys Following Happy’s Historic Hearing

Amicus Support for the Fight to #FreeHappy

Foto de mona chorongo (Lagothrix lagotricha) por Evgenia Kononova (río Taruma, Brazil), Wikimedia

A Landmark Ruling for Animal Rights in Ecuador

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