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What’s Next in the Legal Fight to #FreeHappy

By Nonhuman Rights

On May 18th, history was made for nonhuman animals when the New York Court of Appeals became the highest court of an English-speaking jurisdiction to hear a case demanding a legal right for a nonhuman being. The message we sent inside and outside of the courtroom today was loud and clear: The time has come to recognize and protect elephants’ right to liberty.

We expect a decision sometime in the next four to six weeks. In the meantime, you can help #FreeHappy by:

  1. Visiting to watch and share the hearing as well as pre-hearing remarks by NhRP President Steven M. Wise and post-hearing remarks by NhRP Attorneys Monica Miller and Elizabeth Stein.
  2. Sharing some of the extensive media coverage of the hearing and Happy’s case, such as this story in the Washington Post and this segment on a New York TV station.

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you who joined us on May 18th, in person and virtually from all around the world. We were truly touched by the outpour of compassion and support we received in person outside of the courthouse and through your messages online. Please continue to support the mission and work of the NhRP by donating today, so that we can challenge the legal barriers that stand in the way of freedom for nonhuman animals for as long as it takes.

For a detailed timeline of Happy’s case, court filings, and decisions, visit this page. Find all the latest on the fight for Happy’s freedom and ways to take action on our #FreeHappy campaign page.

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