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Five people ride on the back of Minnie the elephant at a fair as a Commerford Zoo handler compels her to walk using a bullhook.

Second Petition Filed on Behalf of Captive Elephants in Connecticut

Today a group of philosophers submitted an amicus curiae brief in support of the NhRP's chimpanzee rights cases on behalf of Tommy and Kiko.

Philosophers Offer Support For Chimpanzee Rights Cases

Movie poster, Unlocking the Cage.

Do You Have Your Popcorn?

Reviewing the Case of Sandra the Orangutan in Argentina

A photo of a stack of newspapers

Notices of Appeal in New York State Petitions

A photo of a stack of newspapers

New York Cases ‚Äď Judges’ Decisions and Next Steps

Press Release re. NhRP Lawsuit, Dec. 2nd 2013

A photo of a stack of newspapers

Lawsuit Filed Today on Behalf of Chimpanzee Seeking Legal Personhood

Bios on the Chimpanzees in New York Lawsuits

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