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NhRP Board Member Jane Goodall: “Never give up”

The Nonhuman Rights Project in Israel

NhRP attorneys analyze the court's legally wrong ruling.

Why the First Department’s Decision In Our Chimpanzee Rights Cases Is Wildly Wrong

Steven M. Wise performs "Meant to Be Free" at an Unlocking the Cage premiere party in NYC

“Meant to Be Free”: The Music Video

Why Rights? Tommy and Kiko Appellate Hearing

A Celebratory Party with the NhRP

One Way to Help Bring About Legal Change

Lifelong Animal Activist: “I have hope.”

What Does It Mean To Be Effective Animal Advocates?

Nonhuman Rights in Argentina

A photo of a stack of newspapers

Nonhuman Rights Project President Steven M. Wise Advocates for Nonhuman Rights in New TED Talk

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