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A side view of Happy the elephant standing near the section of fencing that separates her from Patty the elephant in the Bronx Zoo's elephant exhibit. Credit: Gigi Glendinning

Tweet to Help #FreeHappy to a Sanctuary

Hercules and Leo in their housing structure at Project Chimps.

Hopeful Update on Hercules and Leo

A photo taken from the Bronx Zoo monorail of Happy the elephant wrapping her trunk around the fencing of her enclosure

Why We’re Fighting to #FreeHappy from the Bronx Zoo

Update on Minnie: Latest Inspection Report on Commerford Zoo

The Commerford Zoo compels Minnie the elephant to stand on a stool at a fair.

Update on Minnie and New Actions to Help #FreeMinnie

Officials with New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife talk to Tim Commerford of the Commerford Zoo at the NJ State Fair about potential violations of Nosey's Law

How to Help Minnie: Monitoring the Commerford Zoo

Elephant Minnie forced to give rides

National Geographic Feature on the Fight to #FreeMinnie

Five people ride on the back of Minnie the elephant at a fair as a Commerford Zoo handler compels her to walk using a bullhook.

Commerford Zoo Removes Facebook Page After NhRP Supporters Urge Them to #FreeMinnie

Beulah the elephant lies on her side on the edge of a parking lot the day she died at he Big E fair.

New Commerford Zoo Records Highlight USDA Failures

A free elephant gazes down in the grasslands of Kenya

NhRP Seminar Series: Animal Welfare vs. Nonhuman Rights

One chimpanzee grooms another who looks thoughtfully up at the trees in Uganda's Kibale Forest National Park.

NhRP Week of Action FAQ

A Commerford Zoo handler uses a bullhook to compel a costumed Minnie the elephant to stand on her hind legs during a fair.

Honoring Karen’s Memory by Calling for Minnie’s Freedom

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