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NhRP Continues Legal Fight For Elephant Rights In Connecticut

It’s Time to Recognize Elephants’ Personhood And Rights

NhRP attorneys analyze the court's legally wrong ruling.

Why the First Department’s Decision In Our Chimpanzee Rights Cases Is Wildly Wrong

NhRP President Steven M. Wise, who argued in New York appellate court on behalf of two captive chimpanzees in March of 2017.

A Message From Steve to NhRP Supporters Re: Tommy & Kiko Appellate Decision

An open book lying flat on a table.

Legal Persons Capable of “Rights or Duties,” Not “Rights and Duties”

Why Rights? Tommy and Kiko Appellate Hearing

Laurence H. Tribe Supports Tommy and Kiko Habeas Petitions

Watercolor illustration of Tommy the chimpanzee.

Why Arbitrarily Denying Personhood To Any Being Is Dangerous and Wrong

Habeas Corpus Scholars Support Tommy’s and Kiko’s Habeas Petitions

A photo of a stack of newspapers

Letter from NhRP President Steven M. Wise re: Hercules and Leo

Comment re: Hercules and Leo: Dr. Ken Levy

New York Supreme Court Judge Denies Kiko’s Second Habeas Corpus Bid

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