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A photo of Nolwazi and her daughter Amahle standing in the elephant exhibit at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo

NhRP remarks before milestone animal rights vote

Happy the elephant wraps her trunk around the fencing of her enclosure in the Bronx Zoo's elephant exhibit.

New bill to ban elephant captivity in NYC

A photo of orcas swimming in the open ocean near Washingon

NhRP Supports New Bill to End the Capture And Breeding of Whales for Public Display

A Commerford Zoo handler uses a bullhook to compel a costumed Minnie the elephant to stand on her hind legs during a fair.

Urgent action needed re: Massachusetts legislation

Beulah the elephant lies on her side on the edge of a parking lot the day she died at he Big E fair.

NhRP Testifies in Support of Massachusetts Bill to End Use of Elephants in Circuses

Join us in supporting Bill S.2028 in Massachusetts

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