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An idea whose time has come

New Podcast Series on Happy’s Elephant Rights Case

Watercolor illustration of two chimpanzees.

Nonhuman Rights Project Calling for Changes at Project Chimps

Happy the elephant wraps her trunk around the fence of an enclosure in the Bronx Zoo

Online Seminar: Fighting for Happy’s Right to Liberty

Happy Elephant Appreciation Day 2020

NhRP Interview Series: Artist Colleen Plumb

#FreeHappy t-shirt design contest

Online Seminar: Sanctuary for Elephants

Online seminar: The legal fight to #FreeHappy

A young elephant runs across a sun-lit plain

Islamabad High Court: Human beings have a duty to protect nonhuman animal rights

A Commerford Zoo handler uses a bullhook to compel a costumed Minnie the elephant to stand on her hind legs during a fair.

Connecticut Supreme Court Declines To Hear Minnie’s Elephant Rights Case

Islamabad High Court Recognizes the Rights of Nonhuman Animals

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