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Five people ride on the back of Minnie the elephant at a fair as a Commerford Zoo handler compels her to walk using a bullhook.

Commerford Zoo Removes Facebook Page After NhRP Supporters Urge Them to #FreeMinnie

Free dolphins swim together off the coast of Bermuda. Credit: Atmo Kubesa

Happy #EarthDay 2021!

Today a group of philosophers submitted an amicus curiae brief in support of the NhRP's chimpanzee rights cases on behalf of Tommy and Kiko.

Where is Tommy the Chimp?

Kapot Knot, Vegan Fashion Week Support the NhRP

A side view of Happy the elephant standing near the section of fencing that separates her from Patty the elephant in the Bronx Zoo's elephant exhibit. Credit: Gigi Glendinning

Meditations on loneliness with the Bronx Zoo’s 50-year-old Elephas maximus

Join us for a conversation with the attorney who helped #FreeKaavan

One chimpanzee grooms another chimpanzee who is contentedly looking off into the distance in a tropical forest in Uganda's Kibale National Park.

NhRP Named 2020 Top-Rated Nonprofit

2020 Annual Report

An idea whose time has come

New Podcast Series on Happy’s Elephant Rights Case

Watercolor illustration of two chimpanzees.

Nonhuman Rights Project Calling for Changes at Project Chimps

Happy the elephant wraps her trunk around the fence of an enclosure in the Bronx Zoo

Online Seminar: Fighting for Happy’s Right to Liberty

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