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NIH Denies Sanctuary to Chimpanzees Used in Research

NhRP to NIH: All Chimpanzees Deserve Sanctuary

Save Nosey Now: Elephants Aren’t Ours To Use and Abuse

Why This Conservation Research Scientist Joined the Fight for Nonhuman Rights for Elephants

Alexia Norton Jones as a child. The home in Riverdale, NY where Nim Chimpsky was held in captivity in the early 70s.

In Loving Memory of My Old Friend Nim Chimpsky

NhRP Statement on NEAVS V. USFWS

Chimpanzees Get Up Early for Best Breakfast

Chimpanzees Using Leaves as Sponges

Dipping for Ants

Chimpanzee Eyes Demonstrate Empathy

Chimpanzee Game Theory

A ‘Dictionary’ of Chimpanzee Sign Language

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